Colour Filter Set LE
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Colour Filter Set LE
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Colour Filter Set LE

Product Code: 4562121435117
Color Filter LE Set
Compatible product: LE700-S, LE350, LE550-S, LE250, LE240
Partially compatible product: LE700-S Type2, LE350 Type2(W50°Red Filter LE only)

"Color Filter LE Set" is five different color filters package to use LE series LED flashlight as primary lighting source for photography. The set includes "Pink Filter LE" and "Orange Filter LE" to change color tone for underwater photography, "W50° Pink Filter LE" and "W50° Orange Filter LE" to provide wider coverage and "W50° Red Filter LE" for marine life observation.

*"Color Filter LE Set" is underwater use only.
*Not usable for "LE550-W". "LE550-W" comes with dedicated color filters "LSU Filter LE" (clear, red, pink and orange) to control color tone of the LE550-W.