Converter FL-W for UWL-100 28AD
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Converter FL-W for UWL-100 28AD
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Converter FL-W for UWL-100 28AD

Product Code: 4562121437784
An adapter ring to attach "UWL-100 28AD" wide conversion lens on "LF2700-W" or "LF1100-W" to increase beam angle to approx. 100°. Using optical lens to widen coverage has advantage not to sacrifice power but provide natural seamless light distribution from center to edge. Ideal for professional use as high quality photographic lighting source.

■Compatible LED flashlight
LF1100-W, LF2700-W
The "Converter LF-W for UWL-100 28AD" is not usable when the compatible LED flashlight is combined with INON Z-240/D-2000/S-2000 Strobe via "Strobe Light Holder LF". When two LED flashlights are attached on "Strobe Light Holder LF" without INON Z-240/D-2000 /S-2000, either one can have "Converter LF-W for UWL-100 28AD".