Grip Base D4
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Grip Base D4
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Grip Base D4

● No loose ! No rattle!

No loose ! No rattle!The Grip Base D4 is equipped with newly developed SPS (Slide Plate System) and directly attached on more than 100 different water-proof housings. The SPS provides loose-proof structure by to-and-fro adjustable main plate and two sub plates to hold bottom part of compatible housing securely (Patent P.). When using a close-up lens or wide conversion lens, the Grip Base D4 is attached on a Mount Base or Lens Adapter Base firmly with two M6 screws. The loose-proof Grip Base D4 supports you to focus on shooting without any extra work to retighten it during use.

● Wireless strobe shooting !

Wireless strobe shooting !It's easy to start external strobe shooting right away by simply attaching INON Z-240 Type 4/D-2000 Type 4/S-2000 strobe on the Grip Base D4 Set thanks to their wireless connection capability. INON strobe benefits you to capture underwater scenery vividly with its powerful output and substantial features.

● Unlimited expandability !

The Grip Base D4 is compatible with wide variety of INON arm system to attach strobe or LED flashlight. Only additional "Shoe Base Adapter D4" and "Shoe Base" on a basic setting where a strobe is directly attached on the Grip Base D4 via "Z Joint", will add flexibility on lighting options. Combination of "Direct Base III" or "Multi Direct Base II Long" and INON arm further enhances flexibility of strobe positioning to suit to size of a subject or distance to it. Optional "D Holder Extension Bar" enables to hold a lens holder to carry an attachment lens not in use. Extra "D Holder" makes it easy to set-up a multiple lighting system with dual strobe on both sides.

■Weight: 250g (8.8oz) [air] / approx.142g (5.0oz) [underwater]

Compatible with:

Direct Base III
Z Joint
Shoe Base attached via Shoe Base Adapter D4
D Holder Extension Bar with Lens Holder
Two Direct Base III on both sides
Multi Direct Base II Long
Multi Direct Base IIa
Z Adapter II