LE350 LED Flashlight LE with W50 degree filter red filter LE and LE filter
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LE350 LED Flashlight LE (with W50 degree filter, red filter LE and LE filter)
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LE350 LED Flashlight LE (with W50 degree filter, red filter LE and LE filter)

Product Code: 4562121437425
Built with Assured Reliability for Professionals
Durable Water-Proof Handy Light

●Powerful 350 lumen and 30 degree coverage. Bright beam supports you in night diving and usable as a pointer underwater. Optional filter further utilize the LE350 as photographic lighting device. The LE350 is useful on land as well to use in wide variety of outdoor activity in ocean, river or mountain.

●Ideal lighting device for aiming or macro imaging thanks to carefully selected white LED chip producing quality light with enhanced color reproducibility and color temperature 5000K.

●The LE350 runs on easily obtainable 3 x AA size batteries. Practical burn time with eneloop pro rechargeable batteries is rated approx. 165 minutes(*) underwater or 155 minutes on land. Using compatible rechargeable batteries like "eneloop" enables you to share same battery charger with an INON strobe to enhance mobility and minimize your luggage space.
* Average measured time underwater (approx. 25℃/77°F) to get half brightness when continuously turn ON the product.

●Optional "W50° Filter LE" effectively increases the beam coverage up to approx. 60 degree thanks to their fly-eye lens structure. Two options on beam coverage are useful for different situation.
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●The LE350 comes with "Red Filter LE" not to stimulate shy underwater life by changing light beam color to red.

●Wide range of optional accessories is available to install on photographic / videographic system.

●The Light Head and battery Box is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. Simple yet durable construction with double O-ring for moving parts supports depth rating 120m. The independent rotary switch part is equipped with a stopper to prevent accidental flooding due to over loosening.

●Interchangeable Light Head design enable you to use "LE700-W Type2", "LE700-S Type2", "LE700-W", "LE700-S", "LE350", "LE550-W", "LE550-S", "LE250" Light Head depending on usage and supports possible upgrading to future model as well.