LE700-S Type 2 LED Flashlight Head Only
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LE700-S Type 2 LED Flashlight Head Only
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LE700-S Type 2 LED Flashlight Head Only

Product Code: 4580128330051
Multipurpose Handy Dive Light
Even for Macro Shooting

●Powerful 700 lumen and 30 degree coverage is convenient as a dive light and its even yet strong beam is best suit for macro shooting as well. Versatile multipurpose flashlight for various underwater scenes.

●Ideal lighting device for aiming or macro imaging thanks to carefully selected white LED chip producing quality light with enhanced color reproducibility and color temperature 5000K.

●Optional "W50° Filter LE" effectively increases the beam coverage up to approx. 60 degree thanks to its fly-eye lens structure and flexibly supports different application.

●The LE700-S comes with "Red Filter LE" not to stimulate shy underwater life by changing light beam color to red.

●Wide range of optional accessories is available to install on photographic / videographic system.

●Operated by easily obtainable 3 x AA size batteries. Compatible rechargeable battery like "eneloop" / "eneloop pro" etc. gives you approx. 75 minutes continuous operation underwater* with low running cost.
* Average time to get half brightness when continuously turn ON the product with eneloop pro batteries

●The Light Head and battery Box is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. Simple yet durable construction with double O-ring for moving parts supports depth rating 120m. The independent rotary switch part is equipped with a stopper to prevent accidental flooding due to over loosening.

●Gold coating on electrical contacts of the Light Head and Battery Box provide maintenance free circumstances under normal usage.

●Interchangeable Light Head design enable you to use "LE700-W Type2", "LE350 Type2", "LE700-W", "LE700-S", "LE350", "LE550-W", "LE550-S", "LE250" Light Head depending on usage and supports possible upgrading to future model as well.