Single Light Holder LE for Tripod
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Single Light Holder LE for Tripod
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Single Light Holder LE for Tripod

Product Code: 4562121438187
An optional product to attach single LF series LED flashlight on a tripod which is equipped with 1/4-20UNC screw or "Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC" offering various off-camera applications such as back lighting with a light attached on a tripod, fish lamp in black water diving etc. Combination with the "Shoe Base 1/4-20UNC" can install compatible light simply on an accessory shoe of an underwater housing. 
Weight: 29g (1.0oz) [air] / approx.18g (0.6oz) [underwater] 
Compatible LED flashlight 
LF2400h-EW,  LF1100h-EWf,  LF650h-N,  LF3100-EW
LF1300-EWf,  LF800-N,  LF2700-W,  LF1100-W,  
LF1400-S,  LF1000-S