Stick Arm Float S
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Stick Arm Float S
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Stick Arm Float S

Product Code: 4562121436503
An optional attachment for a Stick Arm or Multi Ball Arm to provide comfortable gripping and add approx.84g buoyancy underwater (*1) to lighten total underwater weight of combined camera system.

(*1) Not compatible with "Stick Arm XS", "Stick Arm SS", "Multi Ball Arm SS" and "Multi Ball Arm S".

■Buoyancy: approx.84g (3.0oz) [underwater]
■Weight: 82.0g (2.9oz) [air]

■Compatible arm
Stick Arm S/M/L (Stick Arm L can have two Stick Arm Float S)
Multi Ball Arm ML/L/LL/XL (Multi Ball Arm LL and Multi Ball Arm XL can have two Stick Arm Float S)