Strobe Light Holder LE
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Strobe Light Holder LE
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Strobe Light Holder LE

Product Code: 4562121435568
An optional product to attach one or two LE series LED flashlight on compatible lighting arm together with Z-240/D-2000/S-2000 strobe etc. Directly attached on a YS type arm head like Shoe Base or Grip Base D4 in combination with the Z Joint. Pairing with the Z Adapter MV / Z Adapter II enables to attach on a ball-joint product with a clamp. Usable as lighting arm to hold LE series LED flashlight only as well.

■Weight: 67.2g (2.4oz) [air] / approx.35g (1.2oz) [underwater]

Z Joint
Z Joint
■Compatible LED flashlight
LE750-W Type2, LE750-S Type2, LE350 Type2, LE700-W, LE700-S, LE350, LE550-W, LE550-S, LE250, LE240

■Compatible Strobe
S-2000, Z-240, D-2000,
D-2000S, D-2000W/Wn, D-180 (*1), D-180S,
Z-220F, Z-220S (*1)

Z Adapter MV
Z Adapter MV
■Compatible Arm
●Attached via optional "Z Joint"
Shoe Base (*2), Grip Base D4 (*4), D Holder,
D Holder Extended Bar,
YS Adapter MV, Double YS Adapter MV, YS Adapter WB MV
YS Adapter, YS Arm MS, YS Arm M, Bar Mount,
Port Arm for MRS, Port Arm for UFL-MR130 EFS60

●Attached via optional "Z Adapter MV" / "Z Adapter II" / "Z Adapter"
Arm system products equipped with a ball-joint.

6mmThrededSocket.jpg(*1) There are two Arm Base design depending on production lot and only trapezoidal version can accept this product.

(*2) "Wireless Connection" is not compatible when using this product to attach an external strobe since combined LED flashlight etc. on this product may block installation/free movement of a Mirror Unit (Strobe) which is necessary for "Wireless Connection", where most likely the built-in flash light may not be properly detected. Use "Optical Cable Connection" with compatible optical cable product like "Optical D Cable Type L / Cap Set" to connect between an external strobe and camera's built-in flash.