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INON Z-330 Underwater Strobe Guide

Thank you for your interest in the INON Z-330 underwater strobe. The INON Z-330 replaces the long -standing and extremely successful INON -Z-240. The Z-240 had earned it place as the leading strobe among full-time professional underwater photographers, as well as semi-professionals, serious amateurs and enthusiasts.

There is limited information available about the new INON Z-330 at this stage. Unfortunately, this has led some companies to speculate about final specifications, delivery times and pricing for the INON Z-330. All underwater camera equipment dealers for INON received exactly the same pre-release update. Because it is only an update, interpreting it to suggest to prospective customers that other key information was included is misleading and disingenuous.

From the information explained in the update, we can confirm a few features and benefits.

The Guide number is 33. This means the new INON Z-330 strobe is approximately one stop more powerful than the INON Z-240 and two stops more powerful than the INON S-2000 and D-2000. This will allow for lighting subjects at greater distances. It will also allow for narrower F stops to be used. This will be especially valuable to serious underwater photographers using wide-angle lenses behind dome ports, as it will help to improve edge sharpness.

The wide-angle coverage, without a diffuser, of the INON Z-330 underwater strobe, is widened to 110 degrees. So, you have the full coverage of 110 degrees available to you with no loss of power. This additional coverage, compared to the INON Z-240, S-2000 and D-2000, will be of benefit to wide-angle underwater photographers, especially those using a single strobe.

The disadvantage of wide-angle coverage is that it becomes harder to control backscatter, especially from light spilling over from the side of your underwater strobe next to your lens or port. To counter this, the INON Z-330 underwater strobe has a hood that minimizes the light spillage that leads to backscatter next to your lens or port.

The INON Z-330 underwater strobes centrally mounted modelling light, moved from its offset position on the INON Z-240 and INON D-2000 strobes, will improve aiming of your strobe and make it easier to more accurately compose your photographs in dark conditions.

The new oversized controls of the INON Z-330 will make this strobe easier to use with cold hands or when using gloves without adding third party control extenders. The glow in the dark labelling will assist with easily operating your INON Z-330 in low light situations.

The INON Z-330 underwater strobe has been a number of years in development and testing. We expect it to rightfully assume its place as the leading underwater strobe for the serious underwater photographer. We are sorry that some companies are speculating about the INON Z-330 and misinforming people. If you would like to be kept updated on final specifications, delivery times and pricing of the new INON Z-330 underwater strobe, please email us at We believe very firmly in customer loyalty. If you have a favourite INON UK dealer, please copy them in when you contact us and we’ll ensure they are included in our replies to you.

Best wishes

Lisa and Steve. ​​​​​​​

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